The “Substitutionary” Death of Christ

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The popular so-called Evangelical view of “substitution” is a gross mistake, and practically denies the union of Christ and His members, in His death, saying that He died that we should not die, and suffered that we should not suffer, etc.

“Substitution,” which is the so-called Evangelical or Puritan view, is that Christ, the Son of God, came into our place that we never should be in our place, which is simply nonsense and contradiction. Certainly He did not die that we should not die, as is so often and so falsely said; for ONLY “if we be dead with Him shall we live with Him.” He did not take our place that we should never take it, for it is our place.

Christ came into our nature, place and standing, joining Himself to us, to give us His life, and to bear our curse and burden for us and WITH us. In a word, we are delivered not from death but BY it, and OUT OF IT. Our salvation is not the saving or reinstating of the old man; but his condemnation through the death and resurrection of the Son of God, through our death and resurrection in Him and WITH Him.

Andrew JukesAndrew Jukes (1815-1901)
August 1890, Woolwich, England
Author of Restitution of All Things
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