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Israel’s Prophetic Clock Is Silent and Still

May 17, 2017

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The joint-Body of Paul’s perfection epistles was a secret, previously unknown in Israel’s prophetic program. At the very hour in Israel’s history where the time of their national tribulation was about to begin (“the time of Jacob’s trouble,” Jeremiah 30:7), God in His grace stopped Israel’s prophetic clock, thus interrupting the prophetic program, and ushered in an unprophesied administration of grace. Paul called this previously unknown purpose “the Secret” (Ephesians 3:4).

God stopped the prophetic clock when He set aside Israel at the end of the Book of Acts (Acts 28:28). This clock will not resume again until God’s current purpose with the Body of Christ has been accomplished on earth. Our removal from the earth will allow for the restarting of the prophetic clock when God will once again resume His dealing with mankind through Israel.

The Body of Christ is now well outside of the timing of God’s prophetic clock. For this reason there have been no prophetic fulfillments since Acts 28, and there are no prophecies that will be fulfilled before Christ’s celestial appearing takes place. There is nothing that necessitates the next tick of the prophetic clock.

When God revealed the Secret Administration to Paul, the hands of Israel’s prophetic clock stopped. Our “hope” (i.e., confident expectation) is not related to the prophetic return of Christ to the earth. Rather, it is related to His secret appearance (i.e., manifestation) “among the celestials” – prior to God resuming His prophetic dealings with Israel.

In the current “Administration of the Secret” (Ephesians 3:9), the nation of Israel and her prophecies are in complete abeyance. During this time Christ is seated at the right hand of God, “far above all heavens” (Ephesians 4:10). There He remains until the time appointed of His Father for Him to begin His work “among the celestials. At this unprophesied time, ordained by the Father, Christ will be manifest “in Glory, “among the celestials, “far above all heavens. It is at this time that His Body will accompany Him there for a joint-appearance (the entire Christ – the Body with its Head). Thus will begin the “preexpectant” ministry of Christ among the celestials (through the instrumentality of His fullness; i.e., Christ Himself, complete with His Body).

This secret appearing and subsequent celestial work were completely unknown to Jewish prophecy. This appearing of the completed Christ (Head and Body) will take place prior to the reestablishment of Israel’s prophetic program, and thus, prior to any prophetic passages dealing with the events surrounding Christ’s return to the earth. In “correctly cutting the Scriptures (i.e., “rightly dividing the Word of Truth” II Timothy 2:15) one must be certain to make the distinction between the prophetic “Coming” of Christ to the earth and His unprophesied “Appearing” (or His being celestially “manifested” in the heavens).

At an unprophesied time, with Israel’s prophetic clock still motionless, Christ will reveal Himself among the celestials. We will join Him there in His appearance as co-regents, the new aristocracy of heaven. This manifestation has no prophetic signs or indicators pointing to its arrival. This celestial experience will pre-date the so-called “rapture” or “snatching away.” Under “the Administration of the Secret, our “hope” is “pre-expectant. In other words, our “blessed hope” comes first, before the descent of Christ to the earth. In fact, it is our righteous occupation and rule of the celestials that will later facilitate the necessary conditions that will prevail from the heaven upon the earth. Paul tells us that under “the Administration of the Secret” we “are pre-expectant in the Christ” (Ephesians 1:12, CV).

Being that our “blessed hope” is unprophesied, there are no timetables for it whatsoever, thus we have no way of knowing how long it predates the descent of Christ coming to the earth. All we know is that the hands of Israel’s prophetic clock are now still and quiet, and that they will not resume until our appearance with Christ in celestial glory has been accomplished. At some point after our “blessed hope” has been realized, God will again resume His prophetic dealings with Israel and the Nations, and the time of “Jacob’s trouble” will begin (i.e., “the Tribulation”).

Clyde L. Pilkington, Jr.
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