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Establishing Saints in Grace

July 12, 2017

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I am trying with God’s help to establish saints more in grace. I find only a very few rejoicing in the Lord as they might be; most seem to believe that they [start out] at first by grace, as a pure unmerited gift from God; but that, after that, they are expected to go on well [by] themselves, and when they fail to do so, they get legal, and miserable, and discouraged. They get out of heart, and give way to wrong things, and have no strength to attempt right things. It is only in [grace] that they catch glimpses of their Father’s face.

Yet, if they would only in their hearts believe it, they are in Christ all the time; never under condemnation; always under grace; always loved with the same love as Christ. God intends us to have Christ for our life, now, practically, just as much as for our righteousness before the throne. There is not a sin which we see in ourselves which the blood of Christ does not cleanse, and no service is required of us for which He does not give us ample strength in Himself. How is it that saints go on groaning over their own few bad pennies, instead of rejoicing in the unsearchable riches they have in Christ?

J.G. M’Vicker (1826-1900)
Selected Letters with Brief Memoir of J.G. MVicker
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